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May 01, 2016 at 10 : 02 PM

In IntelliPayroll, employees can access their Self Service Portal. The employee can login to this ESS portal and apply for leaves. There are many more features that are useful for the employee, out of which, ‘Leave Application’ is most crucial. In this feature, the employee can view his leave balance and apply for a leave. Employee just has to select his desired leave type, then select the leave (whole day or half day), then select from and to date and enter the reason for leave. There is an option through which the leave request mail can be sent to the HR and/ or the line manager. The employee should select the appropriate option and then click on apply leave. The leave request for the employee gets registered. The leave request mail is sent to the HR and the line manager, if selected. When the leave request gets registered, the leave status will be shown as ‘Pending’ to the employee until approved.

Once the leave application for the employee is registered, the HR manager has the right to approve/disapprove the request. When the HR manager approves/disapproves the request, the corresponding leave status will be shown to the employee in his portal.

This way the organization and HR in particular is benefitted from regular requests of leaves from employees. The Employee can apply as per his wishes online and automatically the leave account is maintained in the payroll software which is linked to the attendance module.

No more paper work, just go online with IntelliPayroll !

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