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May 01, 2016 at 10 : 39 PM

In IntelliPayroll, the attendance of employees is managed at ease. An Excel sheet containing sample format of attendance can be exported from the application itself which can be filled by admin or by branch heads and imported.

The leave types that are created by the user will be automatically added in the sample format being exported. The format will have the fields regarding attendance details such as Over time, Week offs and leaves taken. User can define the ratio of emoluments to be given on the attendance and over time. Weekly offs of each employee can be maintained separately. Once the details are added into the Excel file, the user just needs to import the file back into the application and within a fraction of a second, the software intelligently imports data from the Excel sheet and generates error if there are any discrepancies in attendance or leave data.

In online IntelliPayroll, the attendance of employees of various branches can be managed. The branch supervisor can import the attendance for employees of his branch and within no time, the attendance gets imported in the application. This version of web-based IntelliPayroll has all the features that are present in desktop version plus it can be managed from anywhere and at anytime.

In this manner, IntelliPayroll manages the attendance of employees without any hassle.

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