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Payroll Software

In today's world of competitive market and high compliance driven demand, it is eminent to have a comprehensive solution for employee payroll system and hence a need for intelligent Payroll Software. Our Payroll software is best in the corporate world to do justice to the HR's need since it is intelligent enough to discharge its duty with 100% compliance with all government laws. So now your HR can devote quality time to their core responsibilities and forget about payroll processing hassle. Payroll software includes PF, ESIC, PT, TDS, LWF, Bonus and other modules. Online payroll software works as a virtual HR for employees and hence HR executive is not disturbed by periodic requests from employees for various reports and SalarySlips/Payslips.

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Online Payroll Software

Online payroll software or Epayroll from Prodigy Technologies is built on software as a service(SaaS) model. Online Payroll Software has two portals namely admin portal and employee portal. Employees can view their salary details through the employee portal in ePayroll software. The Employee can generate his form 16, declare concessions for the financial year to get maximum benefit in income tax. Online payroll software helps in generating salary slip in different configuration where one can hide or show details of employees as per the company settings and payslip format. The Employee can generate his payslip. Epayroll or Online payroll software is suitable for big companies employing more than 200 employees or spread across cities.

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Desktop Payroll Software

Desktop Payroll Software is developed with the latest dot net technology to make it powerful, yet easy-to-use. The Desktop payroll software also used as Salary Calculator, Arrears Calculator or Pay Calculator which makes payroll processing a hassle free job. Any individual can configure or change without any prior training. Desktop payroll software come up with enhanced and additional features such as Attendance Management, Leave Management, Earning and Deduction Heads, Multiple Salary Structure, Daily or Monthly Wages Deferred Allowance, Pay Out, Asset Management, Bank Loan Deduction and more. Due to its enhanced and additional features desktop payroll software is the best value for money under payroll software category. Our Payroll Software requires minimal manual intervention in defining PF, ESIC and Gratuity. Desktop payroll software supports unlimited employees. Master data can be imported into payroll software from a formatted excel file. We provide online support for auto configuration and resolving issues.

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Attendance ManagementAttendance Attendance Management

May 01, 2016 at 10 : 39 PM

In IntelliPayroll, the attendance of employees is managed at ease. An Excel sheet containing sample format of attendance can be exported from the application itself which can be filled by admin or by branch heads and imported.

The leave types that are created by the user will be automatically added in the sample format being exported. The format will have the fields regarding attendance details such as Over time, Week offs and leaves taken. User can define the ratio of emoluments to be given on the attendance and over time. Weekly offs of each employee can be maintained separately. Once the details are added into the Excel file, the user just needs to import the file back into the application and within a fraction of a second, the software intelligently imports data from the Excel sheet and generates error if there are any discrepancies in attendance or leave data.

In online IntelliPayroll, the attendance of employees of various branches can be managed. The
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What is PF KYC Report ?eReturns EPFO

April 13, 2016 at 01 : 01 AM

The PF KYC report is required by EPFO to get details of employees/ subscribers which are unique in nature to establish uniqueness amongst subscribers. All subscribers are provided a unique account number which is called universal account number (UAN). Henceforth, all subscribers will be addressed/ identified by this UAN. Further to establish uniformity amongst the subscribers and do away with multiple UAN assigned to a single subscriber unique identification number such as Aadhar/ PAN/ Passport/ Driving Licence/ Bank Ac number/ Ration Card/ Election Card is to be linked. Hence, KYC report is to be generated.

In Intelli Payroll, we can generate this PF KYC report for all the employees at a time. The report displays a list of employees which have a UAN based on the Document Proof submitted by the employee. A text file is also generated as per the standard format given by EPFO. This single file can be uploaded to EPFO in the specified manner. There is no need to upload sepa
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Benefits of Intelli Payroll Software?

  • Payroll Software
    many times also referred as salary calculator not only helps in payroll related tasks but also assists the finance department of the organization with various reports. These reports help in determining the payroll outgo department wise/ branch wise/ employee type wise etc. Features are as follows :
    • Attendance Management
    • Leave Management
    • TDS Calculation
    • Generation of e-Files

Major Modules in Intelli Payroll Software

  • Attendance Module

  • Leave Management

  • Bonus Management

  • Loan Management

  • e-Returns Module