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Employee Self Service Portal

Employee self-service software portal by Intellipayroll Software allows employees to view and manage their Payroll & other information. Each employee has their own login information with the help of this employee can view their reports, payslips, tax related information, leave balance attendance etc. Your employees will love the anytime, anywhere access to ess portal. they can do more HR tasks on their own So now your HR can devote quality time to their core responsibilities and forget about payroll processing hassle.

Employee Self Service (ESS) Features

Loan & Advance

Manage loan & advances given to your employee with web-based Payroll Software.

Payslip, TDS projection

Employee can view their payslip details like gross salary, deductions, at each month & generate Quarterly E-TDS Returns for Form 24 & Form 27.

High Data Security

Secure and confidential employee data is the top priority of the employee self-service portal.

Interactive dashboard

Displays beneficial data like employee useful information, his photo list of the files submitted/not submitted.

Leave & Attendance management

Employees can easily manage their leave and attendance requests using our ESS portal & can apply for leave and check status of his leave.

Reimbursement Claims

Employees can apply for reimbursement claim. Medical, phone, fuel,travel bills, etc., can be claimed by employees through online ESS portal.

Effective support team

You can have a responsive support team it's built around you and your wishes. It's the Team's duty to know and recognize the issues confronted by you and solve them without delay.

Intelligent Software

Fastest growing intelligent payroll software in India!